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A couple of pics of Godric. :)

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It's been a while since I posted! I haven't really taken any recent pics that looked any good, but here are a couple of decent ones I got with my camera phone today.

Godric is just over 5 months old (he's 23 weeks). We haven't weighed him in a bit, but he's still on the smallish side. I doubt if he's over 45lbs, but maybe I'll check tomorrow. He's quite skinny and awkward. :wub: No idea how tall he is. Sorry, I suck, haha.

If you don't remember, his dam is Helga Eurosportu, daughter of V Galant Z Pohranicni Straze, and his sire is Norbo von Schraderhaus, son of Velmi Dobry Norbo Ben-Ju. If that means anything to ya.
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He's gorgeous!

But those pics were taken with your PHONE? Dang, I need a new phone.... LOL
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