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I'm not sure I'm posting in the right place, please let me know if this is moved. Thank you!

Please vote! Here is the link and below is the story.
Reduce pesticides using insect detection dogs to locate infestations | Pepsi Refresh Everything

Hi all, I'd like to introduce a positive idea and I'm looking for some help.

A friend of mine is up for one of the Pepsi grants. She has developed a new and unique way to use German Shepherds to support organic agriculture. She uses GSD to detect bugs so that orchards and vineyards do not have to be routinely sprayed with toxic chemicals. Her dogs are highly effective. There is a short video showing Rixi von Sontausen working. So it's good for the breed and good for the environment and good for what we eat.

Please vote for her. She needs to be in the top ten to get funded. In comments I started a list so we could number the GSD people helping out with this. So far there are a measley three of us. If the Sieger show thread can get 22,0000 views there is no reason over the next ten days that Rixi and Shay can not get 22,000 votes. So lets see if this board can accomplish something good for a change. I believe we can. Please prove me right.

Beth Shea
Remy, Nemo and Seffe

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