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This was great, refreshing and encouraging.

Timber is now almost 5 months old and we are and have been exactly where you are now.
Yes, the mouthing continues and we have some days that are better than others. On those "other" days, I feel discouraged and on the good days, I feel like "Wow, look at this dog. We are finally becoming "one" . And, of course Im super proud when we are out on a walk and people want to admire him.
I had no idea the butthead days were coming and it doesnt suprise.
Just like you, I realize that there will be one day where Timber is guarding over his family with just as much pride in us as we have in him. Its the joy of owning a GSD. I love my Timbi-imbi-imbi and I know he loves us too.
I think most of 4 year old enjoys being able to walk around without the constant chasing and nipping. Timber will still do it, but a few collar corrections have really tamed that need to do it constantly.
God love my sweet, rotten, bratty, obedient baby boy Timber!
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