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9 hour trip w/9 week old

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I finally get to pick up my boy and bring him home

Problem is, he’s in Colorado…

9 hour road trip with 9 week old puppy packing list

Lined the seats
Food he has been on (to feed sml amnts throughout trip)
Water from breeder’s place
Non-spill bowl
Blanket with moms sent
Toy (I dropped with litter 3 weeks ago)
Sanitizer and paper towels

We are going to stop at out of the way places where no dogs have been to limit exposure to disease.
He will not be feed the morning we get him.
We are going to start back to Utah around 9am so he can acclimate to his new home in the daylight.

Is there anything else a little guy would need for a 9 hour road trip?!?
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It looks like you've thought of just about everything for you new pup. I'm sure you have it, but don't see it on the list - a collar appropriate for your baby's size? I don't see "poop" bags.

For you: Handy wipes in case you need to clean your hands. Aspirin or something for a headache. A rain pancho. Phone numbers for your breeder, your vet, her vet (just in case baby gets an upset tummy while you're on the road).
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You got it covered! Someone suggested to me ear plugs but I didn't need them. My pup slept most of the way home. Nine hours or so as well.

I have an adjustable collar with his new id tag

It seems I've been getting ready for today for so long, I figured I would leave without something really important. ASPRIN and hand wipes - thanks!

I think the little prince will be just fine
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Your forgetting the most important thing of all!!!

The camera!!! We want to see pics of how the trip went!!

Or at least I do..
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2nd that
Paper towels and a garbage bag incase you have to clean up barf or poop. It can happen.
Camera, poop bags, garbage bags, CHECK.

Poor little guy, he was diagnosed with Coccidia today. It seems mild from what my breeder has told me (just the occasional loose stools) She has started him on meds

It should make this trip even more interesting. I'm packing extra paper towels.
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