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I have a good quality chainlink fence kennel sized 8x8x6 (I think) purchased at TSC a few years ago, and I'll give it away free if you cart it away (it's disassembled)... But before you get too excited, it needs a repair, as it broke one of the top cross bars (we had a tarp over it which got a rain pool during a big storm -- turns out water is heavy
). If you're handy you can easily replace/reinforce the piece, or if you're only requiring three sides because you're putting it beside a garage, etc. that would also work.

I live 30 mins out of London (Ontario, Canada) too, so keep that in mind as transport might be tricky if you don't have a pickup as it's in four 8x6 pieces.

It looks something like this one:

PS: I also have a large sized igloo dog shelter for $40 (much more weathered than this one, but only used once -- by me trying to coax the dog inside, and he now sleeps on the couch

PM me if you're interested in either.

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