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Hi all.
First day.
So many popups i decided to just submit.

When my Shepherd mix is laying and lifts his head he is very vocal about the discomfort.

He holds back on shaking his head madly like usually. He does it gently as if it's a tender action.

When eating, if the bowl is on the floor, he again whimpers loudly and doesn't completely lick it. But if I hold it up, he tears into it like normal.

So, it's obviously neck?

When younger, this happened briefly, but not again for years. Then occasionally, whimpers here and there.

He was just at the vet.



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Hi Neill & WELCOME! ?

Your vet can help with a medication but It would be very beneficial for your dog to find him a certified dog chiropractor and massage therapist to ease his pain.

My dogs get chiropractics every 6 weeks to keep them in shape!
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