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7months biting leash

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My puppy has been biting his leash from 8 weeks. This can be embarrasing in publice places. He bites and growls. He's very submissive though. When he sees us or other people, he's ears go back (its not the fear kind). I have started obedience class but this is giving me a headache. Obedience helped with other things but not this. When he bites it I tell him sit, but he won't listen. I think he's trying to push me. What could I do?
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If it is a nylon leash, spray it with Sure unscented aerosol deodorant. It makes bitter apple taste good by comparison.

I used to have a foster that would chew through a nylon leash in no time flat - it made me crazy!

The spray is the quick fix. You need to find out what motivates him and use it to get him to listen to you. Many pups can be really bratty at that age. Hang in there!
hmmmm I wonder if that would work for other areas that he's a chewer like the house siding ?
I would do some serious research on the contents of that deodorant spray before using it as a chewing deterant. Poisoning the dog to stop a bad habit might be a bit more than you want....

My 7 month old also bites and pulls on the leash. Sometimes it is really bad and other times he doesn't do it at all. I use a technique called "the post drill" (credit to Tenderfoot Training) for it. You stand still and stiff (like a post) and hold the lead firmly. Let the pup pull and yank it all he wants - you don't budge. Soon they learn the futility of it and stop. If you pull back you risk making a game of it...

That said - I'm still trying to work the issue out with my dog so that he doesn't do it to start with. I think much of it has to do with challenging the authority.
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