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My simple solution

Your dog seems pretty determined. But maybe it's just that he's gotten away with pulling so long that he's conditioned to disobey.

There have already been some great suggestions here. But here's one that I've had show improvement in the very first walk and, with reinforcement, with others that followed.

Firstly, put the dog on a training collar (choke collar) but dead-ring it tot he flat collar. The dog needs to know he's in training and the weight of the training collar will remind him.

Secondly, take the leash in your left hand and allow only about as much leash between your hand and the dog to allow the dog to walk comfortably at least were he to be at your side as in heeling.

Third, take the rest of the leash in your right hand leaving enough dangling to allow the leash to reach the ground. A six foot LEATHER leash is just about perfect for this.

Fourth, helicopter the least in front of the dog as he sits at your side so he knows what's coming when you command heel and take your first step. Keep up the helicoptering of the leash as long as the dog wants to pull ahead of your thigh and keep the dog close to your thigh with the left hand and short length of leash you've given him.

After his nose has been whacked a few times he'll start responding by avoiding the helicopter. He'll both cease pulling and sometimes try to pull away from you. Again, keep him close to your thigh.

I wouldn't employ this tactic at first on long walks. I'd just take two or three minutes in the backyard to get him accustomed to the possibility that the leash will be used in this fashion.

My Zeus pulled like crazy for about 3 months. When I started using the helicopter leash he stopped.

Nope, he doesn't like it. Tough. I didn't like being pulled over curbs and into traffic either.

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