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Look, this is probably bad advice for you, but it works if you are big enough...

I don't like that collar you are using for sure... But I have no clue what it is, I just don't like the description of the pain and discomfort on the dog... Also, PROPS DO NOT FIX PROBLEMS, TRAINING DOES.. Further if it is constant discomfort the tough little ba$T ards will learn to ignore it... Don't like it..

My way, I use the Ultimate Collar and Leash, not pumping them, just my choice, it is not a prong or a choke, but it does tighten and they do feel it. Now what I do, and if it works it will cure you on just a few walks.. Do it where no one is watching, but everytime he starts to pull, you give it a mighty YANK BACK... And say NO! That is if you are small. If large a medium to light yank and good yell NO! Then stop and make them say maybe 15 seconds, that is even more memorable as all they want is to GO!

He might do it 20 times the first walk, wear gloves, put your heart into it if you are little, medium light yank if you are big. The idea is to give him a little discomfort and make you the Pack Leader again. My guess, 20 times the first walk, ten times the second, two three four the third and then rarely. You are teaching him it does not pay to do it, he will figure that out on his own. Then you can refine it so he almost keeps a slack lead and will not pull you out into traffic or something..

Now the Leftist Obamanation sorts are going to think that you are being mean or cruel, so do this where no one is around to see it. Be forceful, and YELL NO! This should work for you. When it all comes down to it they are just excited, and think they are in charge. You have to assert yourself so HE is not walking YOU!!!

heh he, lone Ranger in Australia, I hope I have come to the "Rescue"
Out with horses on the Last Frontier

doing "Dances with Wolves" best I can... :rolleyes:
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