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Hi there,

My 7 month old girl (almost 8 months) has been limping now for about a week. She seems to be favouring her front right leg. I first noticed it in her gait when walking her, it was very, very slight at first. Now today, about a week later, it seems to have gotten a bit more pronounced. We can't think of any situation/accident that might have caused an injury.

She's a very athletic girl and loves to run and wrestle with our 3-yr-old male, so I'm thinking she might have tweaked or bruised something. But why the limp is getting a bit worse is worrying me a bit.

She still runs full-out with no problem, doesn't hesitate to walk or exercise, and doesn't seem to be in pain. I looked and felt her all over and she never flinched or acted uncomfortable.

I looked at her paws and nails, and nothing seems out of the ordinary there, but I'm going to check again to be sure.

I just want to get some opinions about a situation such as this. I don't think it's anything major, but don't want to let it go too long. Is it "maybe/probably" a bruise or sprain that might take some time to heal or, or puppy growing pains?

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