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5th class

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it's almost over, i'm so upset! lol.

last night we worked on down. beamer was pretty upset that we were making her be so submissive. the trainer suggested dh do down with her to perfect it before i do it, since we are unbalanced (him so strong with her, me not strong enough). she did it every time, but it took a little bit of force & a whole lot of hot dog praise. =P then at the end of class she started to pee on the floor! the trainer said it was cause of stress, which is why we stopped early, but i was so embarassed. thats the second time shes ever peed inside. next week is our review & last class, & if weve got down pretty good then he'll show us down in motion.

he said two months of no class, just us working with her on leash & we can go back for off leash. we want to do everything with her, tracking, agility, etc. & he does all those classes, so i'm excited, but sad to see it be over so soon.
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