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5 am kisses

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Hi Everyone,

Just had to post this. My boyfriend usually stays up longer then me, last night was no different. He went to bed around midnight and as usual let Bogart out for a pee before coming to bed. This is their usual routine and Bogart comes back in the house and straight into his crate. Last night my bf must have been extra tired as he forgot to close the door to the crate (which is in our bedroom). Bogart will be 5 months on Tuesday so could have got into lots of mischief during the night! However he slept right through and my bf woke up to wet sloppy kisses at 5 am this morning, a little to his surprise I might add! After the initial confusion as to why our boy was not in his crate we figured out what happened. Apparently he is so used to his routine that he stayed in his crate all night even with the door open at 5 months old!! We are very proud of him and very thankful we woke up to kisses and not a chewing fest!! lol
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What a good boy!! I just love when they do stuff like that!!
not only did he stay in his crate and not chew things in the middle of the night but when he gave the kisses he might of be asking to go out. "gotta love them Sheps".
What a good boy. Jesse has been sleeping in bed with since he was 10 weeks and he will be 7 months this week, he hasn't caused any mischief at all or chewed anything bad in the night (or day either), we keep 1 toy and 1 chew stick on the bed as well.
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