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5 Alarm poop!

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So yesterday I had my neighbor over to watch Moto GP Motorcycle racing. He owns a 7 yr old boxer, and is good buddies w/ my 11 mo. old pup.

We are sitting watching the races when I catch a whiff of something FOUL. My buddies Boxer usually has the WORST gas sometimes, so I make a comment "****, 'Gator' what did YOU eat today..ugh!!!". This smell was repulsive!!!!

So another 3-4 minutes go by and the SMOKE ALARM goes off which is located right above my kitchen entryway. Well, thats funny...I am not cooking, no visible fires or heavy smoke in the house.

I get up from the couch to turn off the alarm and the smell is getting STRONGER...........

Well upon going for the smoke alarm I notice a nice trail of non-soild poo....UGH!!!!

I guess my girl must have eaten something she shouldn't have at some point, and it didn't agree with her too well.

Good thing to know that my smoke alarm also serves double duty as a "Stinky Poo" alarm....

This has been good for a few laughs this morning at work.....I laugh about it now, but boy YESTERDAY I wasn't!!!!
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This is a first! I've never heard of a "stinky" setting off a smoke alarm!!! Too Too Funny!! BTW - What had she been eating?? I want to make sure my pack doesn't get any!
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LOL!! That's funny- but I think only because I wasn't on clean up duty
Hope your pup is feeling better. You should right the smoke alarm people and tell them it works "double doody" -
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Originally Posted By: RubySlippers and tell them it works "double doody" -

Hope the pup is feeling better!
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Glad some others got a chuckle out of this...(it took me about an hour after cleaning up the mess before I could laugh about it.)

Yeah she is feeling better, back to normal now.

I just laid off of feeding her for 24 hrs. and halved her AM serving, went back to normal feeding that evening.

She has been eating some of the tender grass shoots that are coming up...I reallly don't know what caused it.

Glad its over though and I can put the battery back in the smoke alarm
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I got mine after my smart *ss comment about "double doody"!

Last night DH says, "Does Ruby have gas?"
"Do you?"
"Then what is that smell?? Will you go check beneath the window please outside?"
I traipse outside with a flashlight- nothing. Back inside. Now trying to clear off clean laundry to be folded from the bed.. when what do I find but a HOLY MESS of a dooky pile from the cats that they have managed to smear all over the bedspread... and then pull things over it to hide it....mmmmm kitty goodness.

I considered burning the blanket. Instead I went thru half a roll of paper towel, 2 caps of concentrated soap, and pinched nostrils. Plan B is burning.
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