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I have a 48" Heavy Duty crate that I'm not using any more. It's huge; this picture is of the 42" model off Google since I don't have a camera, but if you'd like I'd be happy to text pictures of the actual crate so you know it actually exists, haha. It's in like new condition; there is a small dent on the bottom pan and some dust, otherwise it's like it came out of the box.

It's excellent for SA dogs (what I used it for). My dog peed himself when left alone and this kept him dry. It's been thoroughly cleaned and he has not chewed any part of it.
It folds down easily and the castors all work perfectly. I guess the 42" model has plastic castors; the one I have has metal ones. No rust and no chipped paint. I wouldn't just set up this crate and put a dog in it; the way the top is designed it's pretty easy for a dog to push it up. I used four zipties for additional security and my escape artist never got out. I also chained the door just in case but he never did figure out the lock.

I live in Columbus, GA but can meet within a reasonable distance. You'll need a vehicle with a pretty spacious back seat or a truck. It's decently heavy (moreso than a standard wire crate) but I can lift it myself without a problem, and I'm a small guy at 5ft5 and 130lbs so I'm no bodybuilder. I got it for a little over $300 would love to get $215 back since it's in such good condition, but I'm happy to negotiate. My loss is your gain! My bedroom is just too small to keep storing it now that I have a different type of crate for my SA dog.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to PM me if you're interested.
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