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3mo old Male GS constantly fighting with older dog

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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and a new GS owner. I have a 3mo old GS male who is the love of my life. The other love of my life is a 9 year old male mix dog. My puppy, Panzer, constantly wants to bite and wrestle my older dog. We can't walk through a door without Panzer attacking him. (Not a serious attack, it seems to be only play) I'm wondering if I should stop this and how do I stop it.

Is this normal? Will it escalate into something more serious?

There are times when my older dog, Titus, initiates the play.

Thank you
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It's normal. GSD's play very rough. Your older dog will put the pup in his place if he goes too far.
if your older dog is fine with it, I leave mine alone to work things out. However, for an older dog it can be annoying at times, so depending on the situation, I will somtimes step in and stop the puppy from bugging the older dog.

Masi who is 2.5 is BFF's with my 10 year old aussie, she is a high energy full of it, 10 year old, who can definately give as good as she gets. However, there are times, she just does not want Masi hanging off her neck, and just stands there looking at me like "HELP",,so I will put a stop to it, and redirect with something else..
Get used to that :D
Our poor lab still looks like we beat her and put cigarettes out on her (we don't smoke though lol)
She has at least 5-6 scabs all over her body at all times and since she's yellow, you can see bruises on her sides as well.
It's slightly improving now though that Jax is 7 months... She's such a good sport. :rolleyes:
My Pom does that to our poor 2 year old Frenchie. He hangs on his face and pulls on his legs and drags himself by his... bob? Aiden is just like, "Omg, get this thing off of me."

But Schatzi, our 15 year old mini schnauzer will have NONE of it. She'll mouth him right off the bat. Ozzy learned real quick that she doesn't like to be messed with, so he doesn't bother her.

If your older dog doesn't like it, he'll correct your pup.
Just make sure that your older dog is enjoying. Sometimes older dogs can wait too long before they "puppy card" runs out. At 3 months, the little one is probably on the cusp. Also, make sure you are controlling it to a certain extent. If it is indeed happened right when you walk in the door, when you in fact want some peace and quite and not want to be walking through wrestling GSD's, don't let them do it. Elsa and her buddies are NOT allowed to play in the house.

But yes, GSD's play like maniacs and most people are terrified when a few get together to play :)
Thanks everyone. It seems that my older dog does enjoy it sometimes. Other times he looks at me like he is trying to say, "Are you going to do something about this?" lol I will take your advice. :)
My old lab mix Spuds is so frail, that, at 9 mos. old, Bo is just too rough for him. I constantly have to control Bo around him. Bo just wants to play, but Spuds just can't, and I don't let Bo torment him.
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