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Have you checked her thyroid? Low thyroid can cause tiredness, slow heart rate and also weight gain.

Siena had this going on and the thyroid was low, but not low enough to diagnose (had all but weight gain symptoms) and we retested in 3 months and she was no longer producing any thyroid, so she went on meds and does great now. She will turn 4 next week, but this all started just before her 3rd birthday.

Have you ruled out parasites? Does this happen every day, or perhaps, only when it is hot? My dog (long hair) hates the heat and becomes sluggish when it hits around mid-70's. Have any of the following been ruled out: Addison’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, and diabetes mellitus.

Hope she feels better soon. Keep at it with the vets. We found a holistic vet that has worked wonders with our dog because they treat the body as a whole because everything is linked somehow.
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