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2008 H.O.T. ,Youth and Obedience Championship

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As some of you may know, OG Buckeye is hosting the 2008 H.O.T. tournament, Youth and National Obedience Championships. It will be the last time the H.O.T. will stand alone. We are planning a SUPER Event!!!!! Website is up at
Since we have secured the University of Akron's Football Stadium, The Rubber Bowl(pictures on website) , we will be doing some interesting advertising. Two foot by three foot banners are available with your kennel, business, etc and info to hang around the inside of the stadium. Along with the purchase of a banner comes a business card ad in the Event catalog.. both banner and card ad is $60 AND you take your banner home at the end of Closing Ceremonies(This is a great deal!). These banners are VERY nice! If you are interested in this, go to the website click on banners and go from there.
If you are a vendor. We, again, are "not charging" vendors for the space at the Stadium during the event, but only ask that a vendor contribute an item daily for our raffle (if any of you came to the 2006 Mid East Regionals, you know how super our raffles are!!!). We will have space for vendors both inside and outside.
Tim and I are doing the banners and the vendors, so if anyone has any questions about those two things, e-mail us at [email protected].
Please help us make this a H.O.T. Tournament to remember!!!!!!!
Hope to see many of you there!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like the club is going all out for this event!! That's fantastic..
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