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20 Percent Protein

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One of my dog's has allergies so I recently switched him to Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato. Label says 20 percent protein and 10% fat.

Since I have 4 dogs and to keep from having to feed different food to each, I have put all of them on this food. However, I have noticed that my 98 lb gsdx seems to be losing muscle mass in his legs. I have not weighed him lately to see if he has lost weight on this food. Will 20% protein support his needs or do I need to go back to Taste of the Wild for another higher protein food?
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I previous tried the Natural Balance and didnt care for the food and Rocky didnt either. He also has food allergies and he is picky to, so hopefully this food he has been on will work for a while.

I read somewhere protein should be 26%. I would think you might be able to supplement something to get him more protein.
unfortunately one food may not be the answer for all the dogs. while it may be convenient, i'd sooner use four different foods if thats what it took. my senior dog was losing muscle mass on an 18% protein diet (canidae platinum). a switch to a higher protein food has really turned things around for him. i have 3 dogs each eating a different kibble because that what works best for them. with each dog having a separate food bin, the extra time in feeding them different kibbles is minimal.
Rocky is currently on Natures Recipe Lamb and Brown rice. So far he is doing good. We tried the Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato and I also tried some of the Nutra Ultra Holisitic.

So far this seems to be his favorite, so we are slowly changing Apollo over.

Roxy we have Rocky and Apollo on different food now and it is more time consuming not to mention space wise for the food bins.
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