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2 Yr Old Male Needs Home

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A 2 year old male GSD was dropped off at a friend of mine's who is a breeder. The dog is house trained, has basic obedience and is good with kids. Apparently the former owners lost their house and due to a divorce situation can't take the dog with them, so my buddy took it in but can't keep it, as he's got about 8 dogs already. He's got the dog in his house with his other GSD and 4 young boys and the dog is doing fine. He's a nice looking black and almost cream color. I'm not sure if he's fixed or not. He's in good health, nice and lean, and jumped a 6' fence into a kennel this evening when I was over there, so he's athletic.

If anyone is interested in him or wants more info please PM.
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Could you please provide a picture of this GSD? Any inquiries will want to see what he looks like.
A couple pictures would be ideal. I adopted a GSD from So. Illinois and she turned out to be a mix. Of course we kept her and she lived her life loved and valued and was as sweet as the day is long. The lesson I did learn is that I won't adopt sight unseen again and I think his chances may be slim without a photo(S).
Thank you!
Yes, I'll try and get some pics of him, it might take a few days though.
My friend called and said he's already found a home for the dog.
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