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I have a neutered 2 year old male GSD he is purebred from a working line and is not suited to my personality which is NOT alpha. Also I live in NYC and he has started to lunge at people on the streets during walks. Trainers have come and told me that hes just a normal GSD and have been somewhat helpful but when they leave he starts lunging at people again (violently and now wears a muzzle) and for whatever reason in spite of the fact that I have been 110% on point with following through with training. I think he would do really well with a man- as he seemed to respect my es (although did try lunging at people even when they were together on walks.

The good part is - hes SWEET as ****. the sweetest dog you could ask for and likes to bond with people while also will entrain himself for hours alone in the yard. Hes very playful and enjoys fetch. He also likes to find a ball that I will hide in the house and someone can have a lot of fun with him doing scent training- which I did with him as a pup and he was the star of the class. Hes VERY SMART.

He had elbow surgery to correct dysplasia that he had before he was a year. He is advised to avoid lots of stairs, and jogging on concrete jumping on or off of high surfaces - the obvious. But otherwise walks fine. He will play and then rest play and rest etc.

I have been looking for a home for him for over a month and he is now upstate with a trainer/boarder. He would not be suitable in a home with small dogs or children.

Its imperative that someone with a comprehensive knowledge of GSD and training take him or at least be willing to work with a trainer.

Please help... I can send photos if you like hes very handsome. Very typical markings.. I am putting a link to his page on petfinder which has some photos of him Petfinder Adoptable Dog | German Shepherd Dog | Brooklyn, NY | sheriff

please email me if you have any questions. I just want to find him a good home. I know he could make someone really happy and he deserves a good life.
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