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1st in ring = heavy pencil?

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Okay, calling all Obedience veterans. Got my number for the big show July 4th weekend and turns out we're FIRST in the ring all three days!

In some ways I'm glad we're first because the longer we wait, the more nervous I get, so I'd just as soon get it there and go for it. Also, if we're first that means Eli won't be sandwiched between dogs, which I think will make him more comfortable.

That being said, is it your experience that the judge has a heavier pencil at the start? That's what I'm hearing - yikes!

There are 16 Novice A dogs Friday, 20 Saturday and 18 Sunday - pretty big turn out.

Tips, advice, encouragement welcome!
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Good luck!

I've never done ob so I don't know. For my RN title, the first dog in the ring that day got 100. But when I did gymnastics, it's common knowledge you put the best up last...however you are picking your own line-up.
Best Wishes!!

I would be all nerves if I had to be first in the lineup. I have went second, though. (And that was bad enough!). LOL

We'll be thinking of you and Eli on July 4th weekend.
Knock their socks off!! And have fun!!
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Hi. Novice A is very exciting and of course nerve-wracking. Everyone else will be just as nervous as you.

Do not worry at all about the judging. The judges make every effort to be fair and objective, and they don't have to "save room at the top" like some other sports. They are free to judge teams as tied and have run-offs if necessary.

The great thing about going in the ring is that your training is done (for that point in time) and the judge wants you to do well, so all you have to do is your part. You want to behave normally toward the dog and remember the basics - commands, footwork - and listen to the judge.

Good luck and have fun!!

I always found the judges fair. I never went first but the eldest and I found almost every way there was to blow Novice A! The youngest helped out, too. The only time I did any good was when I figured that the trial was shot because so much of the setting was screwed up. Then I was relaxed and the dogs did fine.
I haven't noticed any difference in the judging either. I will say that I don't like being first as I prefer to watch a couple of runs so I know where to move to for the start of each exercise and what the heeling pattern looks like. The judge will tell the first handler all of those things, but, for me, it's not the same as watching and I don't get the smooth performance I want.
I showed Sami 3 times in Novice and she got her title in those 3 trials,,we were first EACH and every darn time LOL..

The very "first" time I was nervous I have to admit,but after that I really liked being first,,you have no waiting, no hanging out,,get in and get done..

I never found the judges to be pencil heavy, in fact I would "think" they'd be more pencil heavy/tired after judging umpteen dogs vs the first few..

The only thing I did NOT like being first in the ring,,when we went in for sits/downs,,we were always first along the fencing of another ring. it was always my luck the other ring was open or utility,,and it was always my luck,,they would be throwing the dumbbell straight down towards MY first dog doing that sit/down! LOL

Mine never budged, but boy did I ever sweat those times out..Our
torture training with distractions paid off heavily..

Good luck!
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I've never found that the judges tend to be more strict in judging on the first one in the ring - since the dogs aren't truly competing against each other, there's no reason for a judge to consider what may come later. All the dogs can qualify or all can flunk and it doesn't really matter in the long run to the judge. So I wouldn't worry on that regard.

Personally I like being first because I don't like waiting. And you never know if someone is going to get excused from the ring, or fail to show up, and then you'll have to pop in before you're ready. At least if you're first, you know when you'll be going in! And with the size of classes you've got, you also know that you'll be in the first group of stays which means you'll be all done when others are still waiting for their individual exercises.

Good luck and I hope you have a great time!

Melanie and the gang in Alaska
Ditto Melanie! Better to be first.. The only downside is not being able to see the heeling pattern run by another team. But the judge has to post it and will demonstrate it for you. If Novice B is ahead of you the heeling pattern should be the same and if it is not the Open heeling pattern will be pretty close to it. Don't forget you get your Novice A walk through too.

Good luck!
Thanks everyone! Kathy, Novice A starts the morning at 8am so I won't be able to see the heeling pattern before we go. But that doesn't bother me too much - like you said we get a walk through.

Whew....this is gonna be fun! (I hope!) :)
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