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Sadie & I went to our 1st class this week. She loves it! I posted last week about how I was having a problem with Sadie growling if someone walked up to her and spoke directly at her. My trainer thought we should still start agility class. I wasn't sure because she did not seem to enjoy going to clas but I thought I would give it a shot. Sadie was a whole new dog about halfway through class, tail up and prancing around. She was taking treats from other class members and seemed happy about it..(she would not do that before) Tonight was open trian so we can go and practice on our own the trainers are there for any help you might need but I really go just for fun. Sadie got there and greeted her trainer and was just as happy as Tuesday. I just had to brag a little. I love my Sadie bug and love love to see her happy.:wub:
How wonderful! You must be so proud! Just keep us with the tons of treats/rewards and having other classmates treats when they are near!
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