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19ish weeks and still in the flying nun stage

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Hey guys, I just went through the ear stage pictoral thread and my puppy has been in the flying nun stage for the last 2 weeks. Prior to that the breeder taped his ears around 16 weeks and we left it on there for 2 weeks. Once we took the tape off they were up and fine for a few days then assumed the flying nunn stance.

Should I consider retaping or wait for them longer? He is 19 weeks 5 days.
Interesting thing is he lost a tooth today so I believe he is still teething?
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I would like to find that out too, same here!
If mine aren't up by 5 months I use forms. Yes they could still go up on their own but it starts to get iffy after that so I don't chance it. I also add Solid Gold Seameal to their food which one of my breeders says she recommends to all her buyers if the ears aren't up.
My dog's ear didn't officially stand up until he was 6 months old. My vet had told me to tape his ear and I finally did, but I can't remember for how long. It did take a while for his right ear to stand up straight but it did at the end!
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