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Hi all,

We have a 15 month female, 25.5kg who's recently had her hips scanned.

She showed no signs of pain, sat very well (no lazy sitting) and has generally shown no signs of dysplasia until last week. We took her on a walk, she did crash into another dog whilst playing, and later that night started struggling going up and down steps and use her back legs to jump etc.

We took her to the vets and have her on 40mg of Onsoir per day. Her x-rays came back today and it looks like the poor mite has dysplasia In her left hip.

We are waiting news from the specialist, but thought I'd ask opinions from those who know the breed well. To me it looks like higher grade displasia on the left hip (x-ray is backwards) and mild on the right hip. The vet struggled getting her in a straight position clearly.

What does everyone think? Thanks 👍🏻

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