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@ Mato all already responded to your original question. Yes my girl eats once a day.

To expand on where to procure different organ meats (since you asked) I do get it things like spleen, kidney, testicle of various species from asian markets or international markets in coastal VA region. One thing I found is they are not usually found in the fresh meat case. If you haven't looked try the frozen meat section of those type stores.
My girl doesn't like green tripe (I know she is weird as most dogs can't stay away from that horridly smelly stuff) but in the past I did find it impossible to find locally. There are many raw food suppliers online that will ship frozen at a hefty shipping price but it is available if you so desire. Green tripe is also available in cans at and Trippet is one brand that is well known.
My Pet Carnivore is highly reputable source of such things if you are interested. I have used them and always happy with their quality.
You might also try boutique pet stores if you have any in your area. Some have things like frozen raw goat milk, ground frozen organ meat, green tripe or complete ground frozen raw diets. They might even special order for you if you ask.

When it comes to raw feeding the passion for and against runs deep for most. The biggest argument is usually about safety and balance of the diet. A poorly balanced raw diet, even with the best of intentions, can be worse than a kibble fed dog on cheap low quality kibble. Please keep in mind that when raw feeders here make suggestions on balance of diet they are doing so to benefit your dog and you. No ill will is intended and no one is judging. We have done a ton of research and only want to help you succeed in feeding a properly balanced raw diet so your dog lives a very long and healthy life just as you do. You can search the forum on raw feeding and find a wealth of information if you so desire. The information I have learned here on an appropriate raw diet has been immeasurable over the last 7 years. If you have more questions just ask...we are here to share with the masses. :)
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