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11 weeks EARS UP, I fell to floor trying to get camera....

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Dog came over and looked at me and ears up !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran get camera, fell, looked back, ears back down :(
Do the ears toggle up and down after initially ?

He looked so handsome ! One of my toes however not :sick:
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They were fully up. FULLY ! But now maybe I see why, he laid in a position that forced ears forward, then when he came up looking, they were up. He is in same position; i got camera ready, I hope I can catch him if it was caused by the laying down.
luck is not on my side. It was the way he lay and I went there picture ready, got his attention and ears went up again. My failure of a 2000 usd camera that I almost threw against the wall failed to capture it and they flopped back down after like 8 seconds...

I guess that does not count yet then ;) but at least I saw how he will look like with ears up, beatiful :) I will be smart in future and make a pic of him with ears up guaranteed and that soon !
I have an 11 wk also and the same thing happens almost everyday. They are still really young...enjoy the 'wonky' stage because they will be up soon enough and you won't get to see anymore of those ear stages! I put together a pictorial that will show many of those stages! (jakeandrenee posted link here)
:) I love it!
I remember the day Franks went up, I used a treat to make him move his head in all kinds of directions to see if they would stay.
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