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I've been keeping dogs as pets for the last 15 years and have training them the basic commands myself.
I got a 5 week GSD male pup last month. This is the first time I've got a GSD pup earlier I had only been keeping medium sized terriers.
The pup is very friendly and social and whenever I am working outdoors he comes and jumps around me leaving everything else.
But he licks a lot and nips and bites a lot. Even if I pick him up he turns around and bites a lot. He had this problem when he was 5 weeks old and now he is 10 weeks old and his teeth are quite sharp. I've been told you only start training a GSD when he's 12 weeks hold.
What should I do to stop making him biting/mouthing/nipping/licking so much?
I've never had this problem with any of the earlier dogs and this habit of his really stops me from playing with him.
I got a him dog bone but when anyone is working outdoors or sitting in the garden he puts away the bone and starts playing, which eventually turns into biting. You can't even pat him casually cause of this.

I am sorry this got a bit long. I just got carried away.

*need help*

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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