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1 Year old baby leading the pack

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Hi - I have 2 kids: 4 and 1 and a pack of 3 GS. My GS are pretty obedient and well trained, but like any pack - can use some additional improvement and training of course!

Due to the cold weather these days, my pack has been preferring the warm indoors to the cold wet outdoors lately. I try to corral them in one area of the house, but am not always successful. Especially as we are cooking and eating, the dogs tend to want to get closer to us.

Therefore I always have to send them back to their dog approved areas (for the safety of the kids and our food's safety too)!).

My 1 year old has picked up on my orders, and is seeing greater success in his commands. He can't articulate a real word, but every time a dog moves, he points at them and says something only he and the dogs understand. Where it takes me several commands to get the dogs back where they belong, the dogs instantly obey my little one, get up and go back to their rug.

It is unbelievable and very cute to watch. My 130 lbs GS bossed around by a 20 pound is hillarious, and extremely handy!!

I would love to hear from other people who have the same (or not) experience!

Berger Allemand
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It must be something with children.... my 6 month old GSD likes to play "I don't hear you" when I say "Down". But my 15 month old says "Dow" and that puppy lays down on the spot. Our daughter will say "NO" and the puppy stops what she is doing...It is crazy!!! Our whole family laughs about it. I wonder if it is the tone more than the words......
To funny. :) The problem, as I see it, is that these dogs are trained in Toddler. Please learn their language and they will listen to you!
Young children are more "in tune" to animals.

I think you should video tape you little one and sent it to Funniest Home Videos.
Glad to see I am not the only one out there!

I was wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that our little ones have no issues: they just want it their way, and expect it that way. Adults have more social skills and our dogs know how to engulf in that breach and resist obeying us.

My 4 yr old is kind of along the same lines too. But he doesn't find it as entertaining to boss the dogs around as the 1 year old does. My 4 yr old will sometime go get a dog who doesn't want to come and you should see the dog: next to the 4yr old, head down, ears down, looks like the most miserable dog in the world (which by the way he is not!).

Very different from a foster I had: that dog was the sweetest but started herding the kids had no power over him, whatsoever. He did what he wanted and started herding and herding. It didn't sit well with me. So we switched him to a better foster home. It's one thing to save some dogs, it's another one when the dog wants to control my kids. By the way, the dog is now adopted and in a family that is very GS savvy with no kids, so he won't get too many chances to herd any of his humans :)
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