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Our almost 1 year old GSD Rockie is about to be joined by a King Charles Cavalier puppy on June 28th. Our new boy is called Jasper. When we first got Rockie last year we socialized him a lot and he was great with other dogs hence the reason we decided to adopt another one, he is so much happier around other dogs.
Fast forward 6 months and he still loves other dogs but is VERY rough now. If the dog is same size or bigger than him its fine, he will be a little rough but the dog usually keeps him in check and they will run and play for the most part. If the dog is smaller or submissive, Rockie will be very rough and dominating (sitting on them, pinning them etc).
I am getting quite anxious about the new puppy arriving in 4 weeks. Have any of you had experience with a GSD that plays too rough, and how did you correct it?

NOTE: We have been carefully planning the new arrival, ensuring he is tired out before Jasper comes home, putting Rockie on a leash and bringing Jasper in in a crate so Rockie can sniff and get used to him.


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