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  1. Health Issues
    Hi there! I have a two year old GSD and he has 2 small bald spots above his eyes. He also has a little missing patch of fur on the back of his ear. He has some flaky dandruff on his back as well, which is new. We’ve been to the vet but they’ve said to just monitor it if it gets worse. I’m a...
  2. General Behavior
    Hx: Jupe was a case from a large seizure in South GA 01/04/2019. He was almost 5mo when he was surrendered by the breeder. He was surrender along with nearly 300 other German shepherds. He was neglected, beaten, malnourished and living in literal inches of feces for nearly his entire life. He’s...
  3. Health Issues
    my German Shepard mix might have pannus is what my regular vet said. So I’ll be seeing an ophthalmologist but what do you guys think? I really hope she doesn’t
  4. General Behavior
    Hi Guy I recently adopted a 11 month black gsd (75% gsd, 25% labrador) and I'm his third owner now. He's fur and strong very tall and strong bones very healthy according to his veterinarian so all good news except... Around ~5% of the time when touched by people other than me (the owner) he let...
1-4 of 4 Results