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  1. Show those Hips
    I had an x-ray done of my GSD’s hips while she was under anesthesia during her recent spay/gastropexy procedure. I had asked for the x-ray because my dog occasionally seems to “bunny hop” when she’s running, despite coming from a reputable breeder, having parents with healthy hips, and otherwise...
  2. Health Issues
    Hi everyone, My female german shepherd puppy is nearly 6 months old. A few weeks prior, I began to see some signs of lameness, reluctance/slowness to rise, particularly in her right hip/leg area. I suspect she may have gotten injured during one of her "zoomies" where she ran around the house and...
  3. Show those Hips
    Hello, my male GSD is 11 months and I took him to the vet because he was limping. They did X-rays and sent them over to me. I'm no professional but it looks like mild hip dysplasia? What do you think? UPDATE: my vet called and told me he has hip dysplasia and suggested I go see an orthopedic...
  4. Show those Hips
    I took my 8-month old male to the vet a couple days ago because he was limping. We took X-rays and the vet said he doesn't see any issues with his bones. What do you think? Any signs of hip dysplasia?
  5. Health Issues
    Good evening everyone. This is my first time on a forum. I’m trying this out of desperation. My highly active and well trained GSD has displayed significant fast onset muscle atrophy. She can barely stand and struggles to move in the most basic manners. 5 1/2 weeks ago she was as active as ever...
  6. General Puppy Stuff
    Hi all. We rescued our puppy on Halloween. Prior to rescuing him he was found as a stray and kept at a vet down south where they did a multitude of tests. He had a dislocation which the ortho said was old and that he was healing fine. Because of this though they took X-rays. (I will post a pic...
  7. Show those Hips
    Hey everyone, just had my boys hips x-rayed.. 9 month old male, sedated. Going to be sent to OFA today. Thanks in advance
1-7 of 7 Results