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  1. General Information
    When did Black and Red/tan become more favorable then the sable of old and why? I love all coats just curious to learn more. I understand the differences in lines but what made the American show and Seiger lines go the way of Black and Red/tan then following original foundation dogs?
  2. Schutzhund/IPO Training
    Thanks in advance for your time. I’m asking out of curiosity, are males better suited for IGP/sport work/personal protection than females? I’ve only ever had a male, and I know it’s case by case but have only seen a few females compete. What is your experience with personality traits and...
  3. Development & Socialization
    I rescued a 6 month old GSD puppy a few months ago. He is currently 11 months old. He's a handful! The last GSD I had, she was a show line from a reputable breeder, a really mellow dog. Smart, athletic and beautiful, but not a working line dog. I'd hike with her for an hour every morning before...
1-3 of 3 Results