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  1. Introductions & Welcome Mat
    Hi everyone! Long-time lurker here. Lots of helpful advice from everyone, so I figured I might as well make an account and show off my boy. Stormy is 7 months old now. We’re in NE Ohio so Stormy is experiencing his first snow, he is enamored! :) I hope everyone is having a great day so far!
  2. General Information
    We are looking for a white GSD pup from a reputable breeder. We are truly smitten with the GSD breed, having lost our dear Duke (white GSD) recently to cancer. If anyone has suggestions we would be most grateful!
  3. Stories
    I alternate hikes and going to the dog park with my puppy, Snowy. Today was a dog park day. Snowy's made friends with a Jack Russell mix named Jackie. She's a lot smaller than he is (about 40 pounds) but FEISTY. She loves to play rough, and so they really enjoy wrestling and running with each...
1-3 of 3 Results