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  1. Stories
    Because I am still dealing with cancer, I have not been able to have my dog Snowy with me full time. I miss him dreadfully. A friend cares for him. He hates thunderstorms. When he's with me, he's more confident, but with my friend, he hides in the laundry room and trembles. This morning my...
  2. Choosing A Breeder
    Hello all! :) I am brand new! :) I'm researching breeders for berger blanc suisse white swiss shepherd, UKC white shepherd, or AKC white german shepherd dogs. I was initially favoring the idea of a berger blanc suisse/white swiss shepherd, but I've found a UKC/AKC breeder that looks promising...
  3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Our sweet boy is almost a year old, I can't believe how quickly time flies o_O
  4. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    "This..uh..feels slightly...awkward..." - Greatheart
  5. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Our Majestic Greatheart is already 10 months old! I call him The Great Snow Bear 😂 Exploring with Penny On the "dog" couch with our cat, Remington Steel A place to rest his head inside the cone of shame... Mud Puppy
  6. Health Issues
    My 3.5 year old German Shepherd has a weird growth on his snout/lip. He has gotten spots of dog acne before, but I do not like the way this looks. It doesn’t seem to be irritating him, but I am still concerned. Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated!!
  7. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Do these ears make me look small? Penny is growing nicely too. All of a sudden she has the shape of a dog! Greatheart's ears are growing faster than his body. He is 12 weeks today.
1-7 of 7 Results