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  1. General Puppy Stuff
    I saw this dog a shelter, and I was wonder if she has gsd in her.
  2. General Information
    What do you think this puppy is mixed with? She definitely has some shepherd in her. Maybe border collie? She has herding instincts and high prey drive. Loves to chase my cats. She also can be protective but too friendly with people. Loves water. Doesn’t tolerate the heat well. Maybe even some...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, so I’ve had this dog for at least 1 month and a half now, and I can’t seem to find what it’s breed is. I was told that it’s a German shepherd dog by its previous owner and same thing by the vet. I hope someone could help, Thanks.
  4. General Information
    Hello! So last week we got our pup Missi (10 weeks). She is German Shepard but not sure if she is full GSD or mix (they didn’t have papers for her) What’s making me doubt it is she doesn’t have the black around her muzzle.. I don’t really care if she is full or mix but it would be nice to see...
1-4 of 4 Results