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  1. General Puppy Stuff
    Hello, Zelda is 7 months and 20 days old I feel like she’s a little bit too skinny, what do yall think? She’s a GSD Rottweiler mix…
  2. Development & Socialization
    Oliver is 8 months and is the runt from a litter of 3. Mom is 70ishlbs and dad is mid 80s. Oliver currently is 64lbs. Is that about right for him? I think it is my gf doesn't. Lol
  3. Health Issues
    Due to unfortunate circumstances I have found myself with a 5 week old puppy whom i love dearly. He can't go back to his litter as much as I would prefer he stay to get socialized. I have already begun talking to a trainer to get on top of socializing him as best as we can. I'm concerned about...
  4. General Puppy Stuff
    I picked my pup up at 7 weeks. He is now on week 8 (8/20/2020) and weighed in at 7lbs. Mind you, i weighed him by jumping on my scale without him and then checking how much it shows with me holding him. Should i be concerned? I have seen many forums and what not that says Males weigh more around...
  5. Development & Socialization
    Hi! I have a 5 1/2 month GSD mix. She is 50% GSD. Her other breeds include American Pit Bull Terrier, Border Collie, Chow, Rottweiler, and “Supermutt.” She currently weighs 39 pounds. The Embark test predicts her adult weight to be 41 pounds (they boast 85% accuracy). This just doesn’t seem...
  6. Feeding Our Puppy
    I made a post before about how my gsd puppy was underweight ( he still is but is catching up I think), but for this post I was wondering when should I switch to adult food? Especially since he is on the smaller side should I continue to feed puppy food? I feed him currently orijen large breed...
  7. Health Issues
    I have attached a few pictures. This is my 8 month old certified GSD. I haven’t wondered until today if he may be underweight. I attached a headshot because he’s so handsome :)