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  1. In Loving Memory
    I write this posts with a very heavy heart. On the morning our May 6th or German Sheperd Passed away. I’m looking for answers. If anyone can provide further insight to how or what took his life I would greatly appreciate it. The night before he threw up. The color was like a dark green brown...
  2. Health Issues
    Hi there, We have a 2 Y/O long coat male. Early on we discovered he had an allergy to chicken and made the switch to raw when he was a pup. After the switch he started putting weight back on, stopped itching and we though we were out of the woods. Late last summer and now around the same time...
  3. Health Issues
    At what age did your puppy grow out of vomiting during car rides? Shadow (7 months old) loves jumping into the car, he is strapped in with a short leash in the trunk, 10 minutes into any ride he vomits. I’ve tried not feeding him up to 7.5 hours before any trip, no use. I’ve also tried him in a...
1-3 of 3 Results