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  1. Introductions & Welcome Mat
    Hi all, We recently bought a GSD puppy and he is 11 weeks old. Wanted to know what are effective ways to determine his overall health condition and his potential risks of getting elbow and hip problems as he becomes older? Also, if you have known any experienced vet specialized in GSD in...
  2. General Puppy Stuff
    Hi, I recently got my beautiful puppy from a reputable breeder in my region. Since she's about 10 weeks old, I made a vet appointment for a general check. The vet office asked about her previous vaccination records -- when I asked the breeder, he gave me a brief text message containing the...
  3. Health Issues
    ÖHello guys My 8 minths gsd has an issue around his mouth muzzle area, the hair is thinig ... i checked the vet ... most probably a fungal infection. He advised me to give him antibiotic, a fungal medication and a topical cream ( panderm) for 2 weeks... i didnt see any improvments ... should i...
  4. Feeding Our Puppy
    What is your puppy’s favorite meat? Also, when did your vet ok giving additives (fish oil and such)?
  5. Health Issues
    So this is my first time posting, I hope you guys have either dealt with this or have some insight. My gsd was diagnosed with Severe Acute Pancreatitis in early September. After several days in the hospital and multiple ultrasounds the vet finally let me take him home. Now its been about 3 weeks...
  6. Health Issues
    My 8 month old GSD has slimmed down considerably over the last month and a half, we’ve gotten blood tests done, tested for EPI, re-dewormed incase of a parasite, changed foods, added additional calories to meals all without any results. Has any one else had issues with their pup not putting on...
1-6 of 6 Results