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  1. Feeding Our Puppy
    So I adopted Samir from the shelter they say he’s about 5/6 months old but he’s only 24 pounds.
  2. Feeding Our Puppy
    Hi all, wondering if my 10mo puppy is underweight. He’s currently unaltered, 70lbs or so, and around 26in from floor to top of shoulder give or take a bit (he was wiggling a lot trying to measure and weigh him). He’s been about 70lbs for the past month, almost 2mo now, and I haven’t been able...
  3. Health Issues
    Hello everyone. My female GSD puppy is turning 3 months next week and she’s only around 4.5kg. She’s a picky eater but she eats pretty well. Her ribs don’t show and is very energetic, but is alarmingly small. I’m wondering if this is a health issue, genetic thing, or maybe not purebred? Let me...
  4. Feeding Our Puppy
    We picked him up Sunday severely underweight (10kg) and was told he had explosive diarrhea all morning. This only happened once when we got him home and fed him boiled chicken and rice straight away. We have been feeding him this since and his stool was getting firmer, tried adding dry food...
  5. Health Issues
    My 8 month old GSD has slimmed down considerably over the last month and a half, we’ve gotten blood tests done, tested for EPI, re-dewormed incase of a parasite, changed foods, added additional calories to meals all without any results. Has any one else had issues with their pup not putting on...
  6. Feeding Our Puppy
    I made a post before about how my gsd puppy was underweight ( he still is but is catching up I think), but for this post I was wondering when should I switch to adult food? Especially since he is on the smaller side should I continue to feed puppy food? I feed him currently orijen large breed...
1-7 of 7 Results