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  1. My dog does not respond to my daughter

    How do I (teach my dog to)?
    We have had our German shepherd for 5 years now, she is a rescue dog and was 3 when we got her with a lot of bad habits. We have made a lot of progress with her - when we first got her she snapped at everybody, would not listen to any commands and was not trustworthy. Now we can have her off the...
  2. 4 month female GSD herding my toddler??

    Puppy Behavior
    Hi guys, I’m hoping for so advice as I’m struggling to find answers online. I have a 4 month gsd female, she is as good as gold in every way. Food orientated, easily trained, house trained, crater trained, literally I cannot fault her until... when out on walks with my 3 year old, she will...