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  1. General Behavior
    Two days ago, our 4 month old AKC German Shepherd got out. We realized he was missing shortly after, and went to look for him. The neighbor told our daughters that he had seen our dog get run over right in front of our house and run off. We live in a small neighborhood on county back roads...
  2. General Information
    My 4 month old GSD has a curly tail! I met both her parents and they both had stick straight tails. Don’t get me wrong, I think her tail is adorable! Just wondering if this is normal? Something in her genetics? Possibly mixed with something? She also is a lot lighter color than her parents and...
  3. Health Issues
    I am looking at getting a GSD and I have seen the puppies and one of the puppies injured the Lower part of his tail according to vert and breeder it was broken at around week 4. Should I be worried that the dog might suffer from health due to this injury issues later on in his life?
  4. General Information
    My GSD is 9 months now. But his tail muscle is very lean. He has average amount of fur. But only wanna make his tail muscle fat. Any help and tips would be highly appreciated
1-4 of 4 Results