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  1. General Information
    Hi all! Me again, coming to ask some more questions lol Recently I've been going over some sports to maybe try out with Charlie in the future, and one that came to mind was dock diving! He loves toys and he loves the water, and its always been an obsession of mine since I was a kid and got to...
  2. Schutzhund/IPO Training
    Hello All! Winter is coming...and so is my pup. Winter introduces obstacles, but does not prevent me from braving the harsh temperatures and weather conditions-we will get out there. The muted sounds and scents is where my concern lies. The warmer months include fireworks, thunderstorms, the...
  3. Choosing A Breeder
    i am looking to get a german shepherd at least two years from now as a sport and service work prospect. i have a few breeders in mind already but i’m always looking for more recommendations and i’m curious to see what people on here will say! i live on the east coast of the continental united...
1-3 of 3 Results