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  1. General Behavior
    My pup is 11 weeks old and I've had her for 2 1/2 weeks. I'm doing a miserable job getting her used to the crate and settled for the night. Here's our routine: 1. I lure her into the crate with a treat, then close the door 2. She whines, cries, and screams for about 15 minutes, climbing and...
  2. Development & Socialization
    I just picked up my showline girl a few days ago with her papers. I haven’t had a chance to weigh her yet, but she seems to be significantly smaller than her brother. She just turned 8 weeks yesterday, born January 20. But she looks like maybe she was the runt of the litter? Anybody have any...
  3. Health Issues
    Hello everyone, I hope you and your fluff companion are all well. I am a first time GSD owner and I was wondering how much do GSD usually sleep. To give a bit of context, my husband and I have a 18month called Rudy, absolute charm. On a daily basis we take him on 2 very long walks where my...
1-4 of 4 Results