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  1. Health Issues
    Hello. Hope all are fine. Recently my puppy had gotten a few bald spots on the front legs. Attaching pictures. Is this food allergy? Would be thankful if someone can guide me what is it and is it serious. There are about 2-3 of these spots
  2. Health Issues
    UPDATE: We were prescribed Prednisone, Cerpodoxime Proxetil & a medicated shampoo MiconaHex+Triz. Shampoo can be purchased on without a prescription if you want to save some $$$. Seasonal contact allergy is likely she only had a bit of bacteria showing in the sample from scratching...
  3. Health Issues
    Hello all, My 6 year old GSD has been very itchy lately and has been accumulating a lot of dandruff along his back.I thought it was his food, he was eating ACANA Appalachian ranch along with supplements some days and other days frozen primal Raw with raw supplements (i.e.Green mussels, smelt...
  4. Health Issues
    My dog has incessant itching and doesn't stop even when it draws blood. We went to the vet a couple times, and they gave us some pills (I don't remember what they were called but I think there was 1 anti-itching, 1 antibacterial, and some omega-3 tablets) and a shampoo (MAX Chlorhexidine 4% from...
1-4 of 4 Results