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  1. Health Issues
    Hey everyone kinda new here! We are currently on vacation and noticed that our dog got a pinkish bump on his back paw! Hes 5 years old healthy and go happy! Runs around like crazy at the cottage we are staying at and does not let it bother him at all! Here's a picture of it: Gyazo Wondering...
  2. General Puppy Stuff
    I noticed a red bump on my 12-week old GS a couple of days ago. The bump has grown and become more red over the last two days and there seems to be something under the skin. Scout has not been licking the area and behavior seems normal i.e. eating and potty breaks, playing with other dogs, and...
  3. Health Issues
    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if maybe someone has dealt with something similar to what you will see in the photos. My female GSD just turned 1 year and I began to notice these weirds things a couple of days ago, the first place I noticed them were on her elbows, one next to the other. Then I...
1-3 of 3 Results