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  1. 13 Year Old German Shepherd - Don't know what to do

    Preparing to Say Good Bye
    Hi, New here but looking for some advice from other GSD owners about what to do... Our 13-year-old boy has anal furunculosis - Vet diagnosed around 4 months ago during lockdown, but we're not able to treat this with drugs owing to his age and our current financial position. He manages to eat...
  2. Urine rash on 13 year old from incontinence- what helps?

    The Senior Dog
    Noticed our Willow has been leaving wet spots on her bed and couch. She looses a little urine and I know she is trying to keep herself clean and I catch her licking herself. However her vulva is red (spayed so its not heat) and it looks like its probably due to the urine causing the irritation...