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  1. General Information
    We are thinking about adding a male working line puppy to our family. We currently have one 4.5 yr old female working line from the same breeder and she's incredible. She's at the point where she's well-behaved and easy. Our main concern is that our relationship with the first one will...
  2. General Information
    I have a two year old female gsd, and come next year we may be in the market to get another dog. We know we want another gsd, and I would like another female. However, I’ve read multiple times that you shouldn’t keep two female gsds together? I’ve seen lots of female dogs live with other...
  3. General Information
    Hi all! I currently have an almost 10 month German Shepherd female, Aliyah. Yes, I know she's young - hear me out! I live with my boyfriend of four years and he is looking into getting his own puppy - a German Shepherd/Pitbull mix male puppy. A few things to note on Aliyah's training: She...
1-3 of 3 Results