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  1. Puppy Behavior
    Hello, I have a female german shepherd dog that's soon to be 9 months old. I adopted her when she was a month old and I am aware that it was a mistake. I live in the front of a street that is very noisy and crowded. my dog's name is Chloe, She was doing fine when she was 3 months old and took...
  2. General Behavior
    Hello, Zelda is about 9 months old now and she doesn’t have a problem with stairs and steps. Except for this one staircase that leads to my buildings parking garage, she’s completely fine with the other stairs that take you up to the apartments. Why is she scared and how can I help her? What she...
  3. Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    Helloall! I have a 7 month old GSD mix. I adopted her when she was 9 weeks old, and she has always been a timid dog. The first day we got her, she peed out of fear when a small child pet her. I focused on getting her exposed to kids, and I felt like she got better. The problem is, I don’t have...
1-3 of 3 Results