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  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    We just lost our solid black girl Coco a few weeks ago to lung/liver cancer at age 11. Then we adopted this girl Chai 2 weeks ago, she just turned 4. Is she Golden Sable or Red Sable or not on the standard color chart?
  2. General Information
    Hi there! I’m soon to be the proud owner of my first German shepherd! I’ve always wanted one. After the loss of my beloved Weimaraner, I put a deposit down for first pick female from a great breeder! Pups were born on April 12th and are exactly one week old today! I had my heart set on a...
  3. Choosing A Breeder
    Hey all! I've been wondering if there's any West German/American Showline breeders who possibly breed sable coats? I adore the tempermants of Showline GSDs, but prefer sable coats over any other color. If anyone knows, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Greetings Everyone, This is my first time posting to this site! When living in Oakland, my parents brought me home as a newborn to a mature 4 year old GSD in 1996. I have very fond memories of that dog and my parents still love telling stories about Boone. We miss him dearly. I will include a...
  5. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Meet Koa. He’s 4m old and super awesome. First time shepherd owner here and I have a question - and I’m not fishing for compliments, scouts honor. I have him going through puppy control classes at a school that does a lot of police dog training as well. The trainer said he’s seen thousands of...
  6. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    I’ve scoured threads and different articles and have come to the conclusion that people’s opinions about what ‘qualifies’ as a specific shade of sable are VAST. Especially when you start getting into how black a dog’s coat needs to be before it’s considered a ‘black sable’. I am trying to figure...
  7. The Breed Standard
    Can a red and black be mixed with a sable? And if so, what colors would they be? Would they still be some full red and black and some sable, or all sables or some odd color?
  8. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hi all! Haven't posted in a while, but I've been seeing so many wonderful pics in these posts, I thought I should share one too! These two are quite the pair....just clowns all day! Brody, my 10 month old GSD pup and Misha, my three year old boxer.
  9. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    I know I primarily come to simply share my photos of VB and Vega, so I apologize if that’s annoying to everyone on the forums-my family absolutely hates that they are all I talk about, and how I’m always “too busy with the dogs”, and only frame photos of my dogs 😂 Anyone else this obsessed...
  10. Choosing A Breeder
    Hello! I am new here and I am looking for a German Shepherd breeder in and around Massachusetts. I am most interested in long coat sables! This is not a requirement for me though. The main things I am looking for in a dog is one who will love going for weekly long hikes (obviously only once...
  11. General Puppy Stuff
    Here i have 4 days old pup, I’m thinking he’s a bicolour but also have some behind his ears like sables do..
  12. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    I'm adopting this sweet girl in a few days! The breeder told me she guesses she'll be a light silver sable that looks just like mom, but since I started perusing the forums, I realized that light sables can darken up! This one has dark toes, which I've heard can indicate a dark sable? What do we...
  13. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hey guys, Here’s my little man recently, just wanted to show off his 50lbs of fuzzy glory!
  14. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    My newest addition is a rescue puppy (GSD mom, husky dad). The litter was a mixed bag of colours, some traditional black and tan, some red sable, some very husky looking (solid white, typical husky sable). My boy was the only dark sable, but it’s not a typical sable I would see in a GSD, more...
  15. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Here’s another update on lil Von Braun! He’s growing insanely fast, nearly 35lbs at 12 weeks old (as of this Sunday). Vet says he’s not over weight, just going to be large! 😂 On a side note, both ears are now up and standing tall-so I wanted to share a photo of my duo on a recent hike. Who...
  16. Finding the Right Puppy
    Scout's the best, and she definitely would love a playmate to hang out with on our farm, so I reserved the pick of the males from a different pairing with my breeder. Our Scout and the new little guy. 19 mos Our little guy at 8 days, after eating and climbing the rail only to pass out: Out...
  17. Equipment (how to use/where to find)
    Hello! I have Sable German Shepherd named Kasier who is 1. He loves to chew anything I give him. Unfortunately this means his bed aswell, anyone able to point me in the right direction for a bed that might be able to last longer than a couple of days. I will be training him not to chew the bed...
  18. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    We are picking up this little guy in two weeks and I’m so excited! I really wanted a black sable GSD like his father, but this pup had the best temperament for our family. I’m curious to see what he might look like when he is mature. Any ideas? Also, his breeder said he may have a reverse mask...
  19. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Would this puppy be considered a black sable? Any idea what he will look like when fully grown? First pic newborn 2nd 1 week 3rd 4 weeks
  20. General Puppy Stuff
    Hi guys, I brought my female puppy 2 weeks ago and she was apparently 9 weeks old. She was very skinny and only weighed 3.3 kg she now is 5.1kg or 11.2lbs I'm not sure if she is just small or has pituitary dwarfism?
1-20 of 28 Results