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  1. I’m new with this site and with owning a GSD! ADVICE PLEASE!

    General Puppy Stuff
    Good afternoon! I am new to owning a GSD. I just bought a GSD and she cost me $1900. The vet I took her to said she’s extremely roach backed and will have problems down the line for sure. She’s only 10 weeks old! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Any tips, advice, or thoughts? Please take a look at her and tell...
  2. Roach back? Best guess at what lines? 14 month old German shepherd

    General Information
    Hi could you all take a look to see if my 14 month old gsd has a roach back? Any guess at what line of German shepherd would be helpful too! I got him from a backyard breeder that didn’t have registration but had solid bone x-rays. Any other critiques would be appreciated!